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Sharon A.M. MacLean by Rocco

Sharon MacLean

Virtual Team Lead

I believe we need entrepreneurs to thrive—and flourish—in our linked-up world. When we work together, you get innovative ideas, strategic insights, and tactical know-how. It jazzes me to see your dreams for success come true.

As owner/publisher of a noted magazine for 21 years, we also hosted events…led community initiatives…and were early adopters of social media. The mag sold in 2010 and I was recruited to lead an online marketing team for wellness experts. The communications reach was fantastic. That introduction encouraged me to learn as much as possible about the “why” behind these new tools as well as the new sales/marketing methods.

If you need more customers…and want to know them better…we’re a good group to consider. My Virtual Team knows about digital marketing, publishing, website design, network management and hosting, business and fund development.

And if you need someone to speak on modern marketing for your event, let’s talk about that, too.


They are web savvy professionals who bring common-sense strategies to every client.  Tactics include social media and influencer marketing, content creation, online advertising, web design and SEO, video production, and automatic email campaigns for brand management.  We connect the dots for you.

Here’s how we work. You and I will do a “Discovery” of your company and figure out the scope of your needs. If we can help you, I will talk to our team members to assemble a custom proposal. Often, I like to dig in first before handing off assignments to a variety of contractors.  In addition to your project manager, your team may include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Freelance Writer or Editor
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert




TPNI Engage

TPNI Engage

TPNI Engage is an automatic marketing system that helps you to connect with new leads and prospects by leveraging content, podcasts, video and social distribution.

The system also provides multi-channel capture strategies, opportunities to nurture conversations automatically with leads, and establishes a sales funnel using the best marketing tools available to help convert more leads into buyers.




This service is a social media automation tool that does all the “grunt” work on LinkedIn for you, so that you can spend your time in others parts of your business that matter.

You benefit from:

  • Built-In Function to Host Webinars on Your Subject Matter
  • Calendar Tool to Book Appointments From Webinars
  • Telephone Follow-Up to Connect With Prospects and Clients
  • Custom Welcome Messages Designed for Response
  • Rekindled Relationships With Existing Customers Through Endorsements
  • Reach Out to Existing Customers
  • Posted Content to Establish Yourself as a Premier Authority
  • Publication of Regular Promotional Messages to Your Network to Remind Them of What You Do


Cititel | Telephone Answering Services Canada


Cititel is a leading call centre company headquartered in Alberta. The company helps professionals and businesses with live customer support 24 hours a day. You can think of their friendly, virtual receptionists as an extension of your office—whether you’re a start-up or a veteran in your field.


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