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  1. Thanks, Sharon, How important it is for us to oversee that alignment of our corporate values and mission statements in all our social media. Great tips!

    1. You got the essence of it all, Barbara. I believe we need to strip it back for clients before creating strategy to confirm their vision, mission, and values.

  2. I’m enjoying Oliver’s tips on how to optimize social media, Sharon and I really love the idea of everyone being included and onboard in a company, as of course, relationships are key in every area of life. Envisioning having 1.4 million connections and managing 100+ groups is somewhat mind boggling, yet, he seems to walk his talk. One has to enjoy the online space and also to be in it, in a way that represents who you are and how you want to connect with others. This is different for each person and realizing this and utilizing this to maximize a companies’ overall presence, makes perfect sense to me. And as you and Oliver point out, it does start with a forward thinking mindset!

    1. I met Olivier in 2009, Beverley, and assigned a story on this visionary in 2010. We met up recently again on Twitter and he definitley has good counsel for all of us in this business. He walks his talk and I’m quite excited to be his voice.

  3. These are some great recommends for larger companies. As a one-woman show, picking and choosing which tasks to outsource are my highest concern.

    1. I do think there are elements here for small biz, too, Carol. Especially about looking to our clients to become champions, too.

  4. Our WEbMaster just completed an audit and we are now strategizing plans, steps, actions, etc . The most exciting aspect of our small business and one we didn’t expect was learning about social media marketing. We realize Rome was not built in a day, and so we are taking actions, planting seeds and looking ahead.

    1. I wish my clients all understood this, Roz. Gotta keep planting seeds and culling as we go along.

  5. Awesome post that makes total social sense

  6. This is a really good post. Thanks Sharon! I was really surprised by your second bullet whereby someone expected a Twitter campaign to suddenly fill a room at the drop of a hat. Do you get requests like that often?

    1. I’ve handled a couple, Clive. Olivier, as well.

      A recent request was in February from an IT company who booked a booth and seminar at the IBM confernece in Las Vegas. We piggybacked the power of IBM bloggers/marketers/partners to help build relationships on Twitter and LinkedIn. It was a whirlwind but turned out quite well for the client.

      Olivier’s also handled events overseas for Oracle who needed to boost attendance at cororate events.

  7. Thanks for a good article, and for good pointers at how to set up a good strategy. 🙂

  8. This is a fantastic post. I completely agree. I love the 7-point setup plan. Very useful info.

    1. Makes so much wonderful sense, doesn’t it!

  9. I love the plan to have the employees be the social media groupies.. seriously though, empower the employees as they are the front line and better than any social media manager to cover that role. For real. Great points Sharon!

    1. Thanks, Kristen. And THANKS for letting me know about that typo. It’s like spinach in your teeth and nobody tells you!

  10. The social media play an important role in the growth of the business. To keep it in constant growth is to protect it from keystone cops approach. Do all the strategies necessary to prevent them from the influence of the said keystone cops approach.

  11. I love the statement “We are all receptionists”. It really does take a village to get the word out. And even if the CEO can’t tweet, post, comment directly, someone definitely should for him or her…assuming they can do it in a genuine and authentic way.

    1. Me, too. Sometimes we get locked into silos where a job ONLY belongs to a single individual. Not in this case.

  12. Oh yes! Train employees and trust them. And create a policy that clearly shows what they can and cannot do. Good post!

    1. Thanks, Jackie. Trusting employees might be the hurdle to get over. 🙂

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