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  1. You do talk about unique concepts. So what would be my vertical market?

    1. Unique keeps content unpredictable–and, I trust, readable, Roz. Like your blog!

      In your case: I’m thinking to figure out how to get in front of those teachers might be an idea — the Edmodo group.

      If their rules are too tight, try another– maybe the academics. The wonderful history and research approach that you’ve developed for your blogs might appeal to them.

      Let me know, if you explore that idea?

  2. Hmm. Topical groups. Makes complete sense. I’ve got several on Facebook. I used to belong to a bunch of huge LinkedIn groups, but found they were too impersonal and too much focused on self-glorification. Good piece. Thanks, Sharon.

    1. Are you still building your group on LinkedIn for women in senior positions, Jackie?

  3. Interesting read on Vertical Markets, very informative

    1. Vertical markets might be worth exploring for your biz, Michael.

  4. Very interesting. Are you saying that in a vertical market, you only sell to other vendors/retailers, and don’t go after other customers? I’m curious to know how (or if) I should pursue this.

    1. We go after customers whichever way possible, Carol. It’s another avenue that’s developing, though. We still need to determine how a partnership would form… and I wouldn’t leave off LinkedIn groups and others

  5. Very interesting. I haven’t really followed this area. You given much to wrap our mind around and built enough to provoke interest worth looking into. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s an emerging marketing, Robin. Yet, one to keep our eyes on.

  6. Very-detailed explanation of a vertical market. Sounds very interesting reading through the lines. Thanks for sharing such valuable information!

    1. Thanks, Lorii. Vertical networks are on track for big opportunities.

  7. Thanks for sharing this concept. I’m not familiar with it.

    1. Olivier Taupin is in the midst of creating an entire website to show the way, Stacey.

  8. The only one I had heard of was Edmodo and my kids both used it.. one is still using it.. pretty cool. Wish they would have stuff like this when I was in school.. but then again, I might not have gotten away with as much! lol

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