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  1. This is good….real good. Do obviously appreciate the mention, but this is spot on.

    Love this: “Make sure you’ve got the right 5,000 account” That is so true and I have this discussion with people regularly. Just the other day I had someone who was in the beauty business for 3 years building a Twitter profile around that and switched to the fitness industry. They were upset they weren’t seeing results on Twitter and said it didn’t work for the fitness industry, yet the followers they built were interested in beauty.

    As you said: “Make sure you’ve got the right 5,000 account”

    Also love the advice about not initially asking for something. Get to know people before blasting them with an offer which to me is “Spam” if they don’t know me. It may be a great product or service but you’ve got to first earn the chance to discuss it by getting to know who I am.

    Great post and will be sharing with my network.


    1. Thanks, Michael. We’re finally starting to move from the Wild West of social media to a world of strategic thinking. Thank goodness because I see my clients get frustrated because their actions have no rationale or execution methods to support. Our mission is to get them steered into good planning.

  2. Sharon, these are some really great ideas to add value or ‘show the love’ as you call it to our connections. It seems a little overwhelming when you think of doing this with 5,000 connections so I guess that’s where the lists come into play.

    1. I also like the idea of starting out this way, Sherri. It would save SO much time. 🙂

  3. Another great post, Sharon with a very sensible and easy to understand strategy for optimizing social media and making sure your connections, are the ones that you actually want. Although I haven’t targeted a specific group, I always trust that my writing is being found by the perfect group of people. Call me a bit naive, however, I do ask the question often, “Why exactly am I spending so much time on social media when all I really want to do is have “real” conversations with people and write?” Interesting to keep reassessing the whys behind the things we are doing!

    1. You’re probably right about being found by your tribe, Beverley. It might go a little faster if we help the search along. 🙂

  4. Sharon, this is so wonderful, and accurate! Yes, make sure you have the right 5,000 (or 500) clients, as they will be the support to help build you even more. Thank you for the tips! As always, you make this sound so simple. 🙂

    1. lol –Don’t think anything we do is simple, Liz. Yet, the idea of spending so much time inviting the wrong people to our networks makes me tired. 🙂

  5. Just haven’t figured out how to use LinkedIn. I am sure this info is great for the right businesses.

    1. What about focusing on fashion boutiques in LinkedIn who might carry your jewellery, Roz?

  6. Great article. I’ve been trying to work on Linked in more and I’m just not connecting with it. When I first signed up, it was when I was only teaching art. That’s where my street cred is. Then when I signed up for the design business, those followers also started to tag me there too, which was unrelated. I should have just kept one account because my commercial clients know about my art biz and my art students know about my commercial work.

    1. Can you different networks for the different personalities of your business, Gisele? Or do your prefer FB/Twitter for both? .

  7. Great point that we need to figure out why we are doing something in the first place.. that is what resonated with me most here. Why am I on LinkedIn, for example, because they said to be, because ? Great points and followed by great tips!

    1. I also believe it’s the reason for helping those clients who best suit our skills.

  8. I’ve recently cut back on some social media interaction because I felt it wasn’t serving my goals. I think it’s more important to be focused on fewer things than scattered on many things.

    1. So agree with you here, Carol. I like the idea of getting really good on one platform at a time.

  9. Definitely agree, that one needs to give many times before getting, or expecting, anything in return. And trying to always be nice, supportive, give value.

    1. Yep–we want to do business with people we know something about and, even more, trust.

  10. Great comments. I have to admit it is one of my pet peeves when someone sends a friend request and then instantly get a solicitation or they want something. Hope people take this article to heart.

    1. There’s likely a lot more repitition needed on this subject.

  11. Spot on with your suggestions in this post. There was such focus on building a following (numbers focus) in social media at the start. I’m glad to see more people building in strategy.

    1. I honestly think there’s still a lot of more understanding needed about how to build the right list, too, Vickie.

  12. Love it, Sharon. An excellent primer with what to do with your oh-so-valuable list. Great points on how to show the love. I need to be a lot more strategic in what I’m doing. Thanks!

    1. Likewise, Jackie. It’s so much to do with those lists!

  13. I started out on LinkedIn connecting with everyone and anyone. Well, that’s not true, I knew there was no value to connecting with a software developer in Pakistan…if in fact that is what he really is. Anyway, I was in a different industry and owned my baked goods company back then. I was trying to take a product nationwide so I wanted to be connected to anyone that I perceived could be a potential corporate client as well as a lot of people in the food industry. But I also spread myself very thin with connections in my community that I thought would still give me recognition and credibility but in the end all it did was clutter my newsfeed with information that didn’t have any relevance or value for my business. I fell off the LinkedIN bandwagon for awhile but now I am working as the Director of Strategic Relationships for my husband’s mortgage company and am on the upswing again. Yeah, big switch. I am focusing primarily on meeting Realtors in Florida especially ones that want to do co-marketing with us. In less than 2 months I have made some significant connections that are providing referrals so I can tell you narrowing down your intent really does work.

    1. This is such a good explanation of the advantages/disadvantages of networks, Beth. Especially how niches works so well.

  14. Bottom line is respect for others in all that we do, especially online as comments can sometimes be misunderstood. Thanks for the tips on how to organize people who follow us. Helps us to respect what they want from our information.

    1. Respect goes all the way, Barbara.

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