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  1. Awesome. what I love about this is the disclosure. Often all you hear about it that x business sold for y $, but not what it took to make that happen. Great info and I suspect a model for a serious entrepreneur to learn from. And nothing too aggressive in here to my eyes, but I may be naive.

    1. I agree with you on the disclosure, Roz. Not everyone agrees to be so candid. Thanks for taking note on my question–I put that landing page link right up at the top- in hopes of someone opening it!

  2. Excellent case study of a savvy woman business owner! Good for her — and great lessons for us all!

    1. Thanks for your reply, Cathy. I was so glad she agreed to share her plan.

  3. What a unique and inspiring case study! It helps create a business opportunity, a lifetime partner.

    1. There are many business owners today who are looking for their exit strategies, Lorii. it’s a good idea for everyone to prepare.

  4. Solid info about having an exit strategy for one’s business. Thanks for the valuable info, Sharon.

    1. Always a good idea to have an eye out for the exit strategy!

  5. Great case study Sharon, with solid lessons for other businesses considering their next steps. Getting the people, finances and marketing aligned is a huge plus for any business.

    1. It was very thoughtful and organized, Ingrid. She also encouraged her staff do do what they were good, identified weak spots, and brought in the help where there were deficiences.

  6. Always love to hear the story of a spirited entrepreneur. Sharon, you are a serious go-getter. We could all learn a few lessons from her!

  7. Great story of one woman’s strategy. I loved it and thank you for sharing. It’s proof positive that intelligent planning pays off.

    1. it’s also a really good example of having patience to take the steps, Beth. I appreciate her for agreeing to reveal her strategy.

  8. Love hearing the end story although I am relatively certain your friend will not necessarily be sitting still in her retirement. You are a great friend for guiding her…kudos!

    1. You know her well, Beth! This gal most definitely is not sitting aroun. lol

  9. This is a very inspiring example of what is possible with proper planning, vision and solid management. I applaud Sharon for putting all the necessary pieces in place and for having making the right steps at the right time. Having support and help is always critical regardless of what you are building in the world and I appreciate the disclosure of how it all manifested for her. Congrats and hope Sharon’s retirement is filled with wonderful new life experiences!

    1. I’m really grateful that she was generous enough to share the details of her plan. Those ideas can help a lot of people in business.

  10. Thank you for sharing this article. Great to see a woman have a plan, have a female coach, and end up retiring from the success of her plan. Well done!

    1. We’re all learning from each other, Liz. It’s a reason I love this group so much.

  11. Wow – I have to say GO Sharon!!! What a great model to follow, and what an inspiration!

    1. She’s inspired me most of my life, Natalie. This is a gal who set goals and meets them.

  12. Fascinating story. It’s wonderful to hear about a successful business woman who ‘gets it’. Invest in your business, take are of your employees, and give back to the community. She built it over many years and is now reaping the rewards.

    1. I would love to see way more of these stories, Kristy. 🙂

  13. Very interesting case study. I appreciate the full disclosure very much. Thanks for sahring!

    1. Think followers really like to see the detail in a case study, Lisa.

  14. I don’t think that I ever have thought about selling my biz… but I surely have considered that in the years to come.. I want to be working less and smarter and not as hard or as long… so essentially it’s like selling… but I am just managing it. 😉 Win?

    1. Think it’s always a good idea to think down the road, Krsisten. You’ve got intellectual property–such as information products, a database, and client relationships.

  15. This shows lots of prep to sell a business and it’s definitely accurate. Have to have everything in place and have something “solid” to sell.

    1. Yes, Michael. For social media consultants, that woud be information products, yes?

  16. Excellent behind-the-scenes story. I’m not near the point of selling my business, but this would make a good reference point.

    1. It’s a great idea to keep “selling the business” down the road at the back of our mind, Jackie. For example, DB have equity value which is why it’s important to keep driving social media addresses to our email DB. So, if the mood strikes, we’re not scrambling to get things in order.

  17. Great post and nice to read the story behind a successful woman.

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