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  1. This is a fantastic article and it’s so great seeing in right in front of me. I don’t think we can afford “not” to blog quality content. If people are looking for time savings, they should log how long they spend on social media playing games 😉

    1. It’s always about setting those priorities for our time, Gisele. Thanks for your comment!

  2. The time issue is a real one for most small business owners that I work with. They are stuck in a hard spot — too small to hire someone to blog for/with them and too busy working in their business to do the blogging themselves. Showing REAL ROI for blogging is an important step in converting them to blogging and some of the “newer” marketing strategies.

    1. I see the same thing, Cathy. The other thing I didn’t talk so much about was how to acquire content…yet, the biggest response I get is with original content that gets re-purposed 5 times.

  3. I have a love-hate relationship to blogging. When I hit on an interesting topic that relates to my product and I can weave a story, I’m in love with blogging. Then I’m let down because this great blog, despite keyword in title, doesn’t get organic traffic. I follow your 3 great points and am waiting for my tipping point. Probably some actions I should be taking & not waiting. Hmm.

    1. Here’s to you and me and OUR tipping point, Roz! Keep it up — your stuff is good.

  4. So often businesses focus on the quick win. They splash out money on advertising and leaflets but only something like 3% of your ideal audience is looking for you and ready to buy. Those are the people most businesses go after. It’s cat and dog getting those prospects.

    You’re far better to build a connection with your target audience and work to build a relationship with them as well as educate them about how you can help them. Blogging is one way to do that. It’s not pushy and it’s not too salesy, but it does get your prospects closer to wanting to buy from you. If you don’t have a blog for your business you’re missing a trick!

    Great post Sharon.

    1. It takes time to build those relationships, Clive. But it’s SO worth it. 🙂

  5. Those stats on increases in both visibility and business, are pretty staggering Sharon. I never would have imagined blogging 15 times a month or more, would get that big an increase in traffic. Wow, that means lots of writers, (like me), might be needed to actually create relevant content for a business or company in a voice that is uniquely their own. This is definitely a fabulous article and very eye-opening indeed. Something all business owners would be very wise to pay attention to. And soon. Thanks again for a powerful article!

    1. Good writers have a fabulous future, Beverly. Web marketing now is demanding higher quality content. You’ve got it!

  6. I, too, thought I had nothing to say and even less time to blog. But just making the decision to do it consistently every week has made the juices flow more easily.

    1. It can be the nucleus of a solid marketing plan, right?

  7. Sharon blogging is the best way to increase exposure and attract targeted customers. Great information here. Thanks

    1. Thank YOU, Cassandra. Blogging is BIG for business.

  8. Writing a blog that gives value, not just spammy self-promotion is worth the time that is takes. Why should anyone want to buy from you if you don’t demonstrate that you have ideas worth your time and theirs?

    1. You’re right, Beth…It’ so much about give-to-get.

  9. With everyone on social media how can we not blog? Established business or not it’s a great way to reach large numbers of people and have those people get to know what you are about. Sharing valuable content about your expertise and what you do will attract people who will trust you by getting to know you and make you credible in your niche.

    1. Totally right, Michael. Another element to keep in mind–especially for local biz–is how a blog serves their own community.

  10. It seems like we have so many things to do but a blog is a really important priority for your time if you are in business.

    1. It definitely is the nucleus of what I do, Sherri.

  11. Blogs surely have their value… and if the CEO doesn’t have time to blog, for goodness sake, doesn’t he/she have an employee that could? Or pay for a blog and revise it… what the heck people.. it’s not rocket science, but ever so valuable!

    1. Kristen — I LOVE your practical view of life. 🙂

  12. I am going to start to write regular blogs for my husband’s mortgage company’s website but first the website needs a refresh. It has been two years and lots of the components are “broken” it seems so no amount of blogging will help at this point. Sigh…it never ends does it???

    1. I hear YOU, Beth. We’re in similar boats…and somehow I don’t think it does end.

  13. I so agree about keeping the audience in mind.

    It would be necessary for some to optimize blog for two audiences: humans and bots.

    Great stuff!

    1. I learned about the one-two hit of writing for humans/bots some time after starting in this biz, Ruby. That was a BIG one.

  14. To your point — I was just asked to contribute a UK magazine for start-ups based on my content, my blog and social media. I didn’t even know this publication, with 200K subscribers, existed. But they found me through my content.

    1. Brava!! Jackie. It’s exciting how this works, eh? (Eh – that’s a bit of Canadian for you.)

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