Action Plan

We have meticulously formulated the following 3-Stage Action Plan to help you successfully market your business, services, and products in today’s challenging online marketing world.

Any of these 3 Stages you can do yourself. If you need help, we can coach you through them, or we can do them for you. Please see our Services Page for how we can best help you.

1. Get Ready

A strong foundation prepares you to succeed with new online marketing solutions for today’s business life. We accomplish this by looking into your company’s existing web site. Analyzing it and altering it to be far more effective.

We start the process off with the Get Ready 8-Step Phase to build a solid foundation behind your website:


2. Get Set

As we begin this stage your website is ready to be engaged by visitors. Now, you need to attract connections to become your customers.

Word-of-mouth goes only so far. The Get Set 5-Step Phase is an integral phase to shaping your story for distribution through multiple gateways. WorldGate Media specializes in connecting the dots to cultivate relationships. Here’s how you can achieve success:


3. Grow!

Now the foundation is in place and your lists are increasing in size and quality. It is time to move your connections through the funnel that you will design and build. That funnel will strengthen and build your brand awareness, any public information campaigns, and customer relationships.

Especially relevant is your blog, social media strategies, content creation, influencer programs, email marketing, and live streaming events, to name a few.


We are happy to help you in any way that we can with any of the above steps. Please feel free to Contact Us or visit our Services Page for more information.