Know your VROOM

Get Ready – Know Your VROOM

(Vision, Relatable and Observable Objectives, Mission)

An authentic business personality drives today’s most compelling companies. Authenticity reveals more than straight-forward information; it reveals your VROOM.  Your VROOM is clear (Vision, Relatable and Observable Objectives, Mission) and reflects the deep values that you uphold. Your values are embedded within the vision for your company…while objectives point to the activities that show you walk your talk.

VROOM informs everything you say and do in social media. If  your VROOM is vague, connections with customers will be blurred, as well. People today want to know what drives your passion. Because if you can drill down to the very essence of why you deliver your products and services, that clarity makes us care, too. It’s captivating—and makes us want to follow your parade.

Furthermore, customers also want to see business serve a higher purpose. This is especially true today among Millennials who look for companies to make their purpose a mainstay of their business model.


What’s your authentic business personality?

Advancing these standards is good for all us. It asks companies to invest in issues that align with matters such as climate change, health care, and homelessness. Again, social marketing magnifies these stories which means if content is not clear, you AND your messages appear insincere.

We review each client’s goals, marketing history, and determine a serviceable budget. To meet our clients’ needs, we use a variety of methods to properly manage your social assets.


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