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Most well-rounded online strategies  are enhanced by Facebook advertising. Just ask any of the 3 million business owners who use Facebook Ads; it’s powerful! Recent changes to the Facebook algorithm definitely were a game changer for companies seeking new clients. If you haven’t considered Facebook to build your business, you are missing SERIOUS opportunities for these 6 reasons:

  • Creative Flexibility
  • Enhanced Audience Targeting
  • A/B Testing
  • Video Reach
  • Mobile Audience
  • Facebook Insights to Track Page Performance
  • And so Much More!


Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has teamed up with three of the largest consumer data providers on the planet to give you some of the most advanced targeted as opportunities that we’ve ever had available as marketers.

For example you can combine your own data with Facebook’s data to find similar prospective customers.

Do you just want to reach general contractors? No problem, Facebook has already found them for you. How about professionals with university degrees who drive a Lexus? There are over 500 categories like this now available to you through Facebook targeting.

This social network allows unprecedented insights to how people engage with your page as well as your ads. Metrics you can track include:

  • Page Performance
  • Engagement
  • Audience Demographics
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • And so Much More!


You’re also able to reach new people who are similar to your customer base. This is gold. Facebook gives you an edge by being more precise in targeting your audience in these ways:

  • Gender
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • Income Levels
  • Location
  • And so Much More


Still, it’s surprising how many business are still not using it, or at least not properly. As a result, if your competitors aren’t advertising or doing it well and you can, you gain a fantastic advantage and an opportunity to win business you might have otherwise lost out on.

By getting people’s attention, increasing awareness and engaging with your audience, you can get new leads and customers who become invested in and loyal to your brand. What’s more, those customers may have otherwise gone to your competitors instead.

We design and produce advertising campaigns for your Facebook page that integrate with your website and other social assets.


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