Get Set to Build Your Lists

Get Set – Love Your Lists

Relevant Messages to Targeted Audiences  Drive Sales in Business.

It all begins with your lists. Today, companies must obsess over their customers, focus on understanding them, and engage with them better than anyone else. Your customers are prepared with 24/7 research and expect the same from you.

A high-performing database is your currency. With good lists, you can build sales funnels. When you have a clean list with products or services, you have the equivalent of your very own printing press. We’ve got several ways for you to build and manage your lists.

Automated Lead Generation Tools for List Building

Trustworthy people do what they promise—on time.

We have several tools and services – unique for each social network – that follow up immediately with visitors to your social profiles and your website. These tools help to discover and qualify social prospects that match your custom criteria.

Develop Lists Using Automated Email

Want to maintain rapport with your customers? Email still is a powerful tool. An email list means you send targeted and personalized messages to different groups of contacts. Relevant information greatly increases your open rates to drive sales in business.

Here’s 3 more ways to build your business by growing your lists:

  • Webinar
  • Social Network
  • Calls-to-Action in Your Blog


Why restrict the way people contact you?

Text Messaging

Young and old alike adore this inexpensive way of staying in touch. Typically, messages are read within an average of 15 minutes after they’ve been received. Mobile phone users appreciate the ease of texting over making a trip to their computer for a reply—especially to people they trust.

Conferences, Cocktail Receptions, & Special Events

Lose the fish bowl.

Whoever follows up with all those cards in the big fish bowl, anyway? How about 74% of us never do. One of the coolest features that we have at WorldGate Media is the ability to capture contact information from a business card via the mobile phone. Simply take a photo of a business card so that all the details on the card automatically transcribe into data fields assigned to campaigns of your choice.


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