Go! Time to Amplify Your Story

Grow – Engagement Builds Business

The ability to amplify your story and to engage in real time is the beauty of the digital marketing world.

People want to know what drives your passion. If you can drill down to the very essence of why you deliver your products and services, that clarity makes us care, too. It’s captivating—and makes us want to follow your parade.

Those who can’t express their vision in an elevator pitch will have difficulty leading their sales teams and explaining what they can do for their customers. Brand is more than a listing of your product features. The miscue happens when business leaders haven’t revealed their core values and vision for the company that attracts the emotions of customers. The snowball effect is that all marketing materials miss the boat, too.

Best Social Media Channels

  • Twitter –  The 140-character limitation is good for engagement and for leveraging other networks.
  • LinkedIn – Business professionals prefer this network recently acquired by Microsoft.  If you’re presenting a product aimed at enhancing business, then this is a good approach.
  • Slideshare – This network is becoming increasingly popular for SEO and image-based content. It is becoming one of the most popular search engines for content.
  • Instagram – Is imagery important to your business? This network links well with Facebook and Twitter for greater ease of sharing. If image isn’t a must, this may not be the approach to take.
  • Facebook – Yes, a business should have a Facebook page even if they prefer LinkedIn to reach professionals. It’s important to regularly update your messages; image and video are driving forces. Not recommended for technical jargon.


Find Company Champions to Amplify Your Message

  • Employee Advocacy – Employees can be your allies. They know your company and products and often appreicate the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions with their circles. When employees feel like they are part of the process, they get excited to support the company that employs them.
  • Customer Advocacy – Customers often are overlooked as a resource. They are the best marketing voice you have when it comes to sharing the benefits your company has to offer. Customers already buy your product or service, so there’s a good chance they will agree to support your message to grow, too.


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