Website Methodologies

The creation of an attractive yet effective website for your business draws on several skills. If inclined, you can certainly do it for yourself. Otherwise, think of combining a newspaper, magazine, graphic design, information technology, photography, radio station, television, and marketing agency all under a single roof. To start.

All these disciplines are rare to find in one person.

WordPress is a favoured easy to use Content Management System, or CMS for short, for producing and maintaining your website. There are hundreds of thousands of third party time-saving plugins and themes available to you. Plugins and themes are both free and commercially available. Of course, there are multiple other platforms and you could go the custom-design route, as well. Ask yourself how much time you want to spend doing website updates yourself after it’s completed. Or if you want a webmaster to manage your website.

These days, most business owners want their website to be mobile-responsive for tablet and phone. Unfortunately for existing websites, this can only be accomplished by rebuilding the entire website with responsiveness in mind. Your customers are not sitting in front of their computer at home. They are likely to be anywhere while they are searching for your products and services

Where’s the Best Place to Start? Here’s 6 Different Mind Sets

  • This is my first website. I just want a brochure-type page to showcase a few products and services. I don’t want to pay for plugins.
  • Nobody’s visiting my business website. Maybe I need to  find ways to make it more interesting and effective.
  • My medium-sized business is ready to invest in a functional website. We would like to optimize our existing design.
  • We’ve got a website but need to update it for mobile. We’re also ready to invest in a social media strategy, automated email marketing, and development of a sales funnel tied to a database.
  • We now understand there are numerous 3rd-party integrations – or outside applications – to enhance our website for better business. This may include ecommerce with live purchase options, credit card intigration, or an entire online “corporate/franchised” version of your business. Which services do we need?
  • Don’t think of your website as a piece of marketing material. Equate it to another physical location; be it a corporate  or a franchised location. Then budget for it like you would when you open another location.


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