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  1. You pulled some great tips from some amazing people in the industry. I have so much more to learn about LI this coming year, but I’m sure Melanie’s Boom Social Training will help with that a lot. Growing a list seems so hard, but I guess when all the right components are in place, that it’s really not so bad. Happy New Year!

    1. List building has got to be our end game, Heather.
      Again, the question for me: which platform suits which audience better?

  2. Great tips that made me feel as if I were there! Sounds like an excellent panel of experts. Thanks for sharing your insights, Sharon.

    1. You are SO ahead of the curve, Holly.
      We can learn a lot from your results in commercial real estate and Florida.

      Warm best wishes for 2015!

  3. Great insight about social selling.

    1. I agree, Roz.
      The challenge that I see now is which platform is better suited for which audience?

  4. I have tended to rely on Facebook for me personally as well as my business, a dessert company for building my community locally but know that LinkedIn used consistently would be best for my husband’s who is a mortgage broker for developing relationships with Realtors. That said, his company is on Facebook and we’ve experimented with ads here and there using targeted audiences with some nice results. But our blogs are also a great way for both of us to share our journeys as business owners and do tend to get decent response. So I guess you could say we like to keep mixing it up!

    1. Thanks for your reply, Beth.

      Facebook makes good sense for your dessert company, Beth. And LI for your husband, too.
      Are you able to download the contact information to send email marketing after?


    2. You probably know this. But I downloaded my LI contacts into a csv file for email campaigns. Exciting!

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