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  1. Excellent post, Sharon!

    Social media simply provides us with MORE opportunities to create the same trust that we cultivate in real life. It’s amplified and easily shared, so I see it as even MORE important to adhere to the principles you’ve laid out in your article.

    1. You got it, Cathy. I find the whole thing amazing as we broaden our relationship circles to the whole wide world.
      Everything stays the same –only bigger!
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Agree with all the above. So important to be clear and sincere with our clients. People can tell right away if you don’t mean what you say. And following through with your message is vitally important

    1. It’s especially important for the hard-core business people focused on sales only, Lisa. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Great post. #3 was especially interesting to me. I never thought of it that way and loved your analogy about being a parent. 🙂

    1. Thanks!
      Business owners often are surprised that someone hasn’t heard about them –after so much advertising, communicating, etc.
      Just gotta keep it up.

  4. Trust is huge and you definitely can’t buy it. My husband has spent almost 30 years as a mortgage broker and even though he has a great reputation he never rests on laurels. It us always a work in progress.

    1. I’ll bet he’s got some stories to tell about trust!

  5. These are really great insights. I think as companies get bigger and the world gets smaller through interconnectedness, we need to adopt a small business philosophy.

    1. That might be the secret sauce, Carol!

    2. I’m with you on that one, Carol.

  6. I often tell people, you know everything there is to know about your business, but your customers don’t. Sometimes it’s helpful for them to hear about your business in many different ways, especially as it pertains to solving a problem for them, before the message sinks in. It just goes to show you, social media isn’t about blasting a message once, it’s about developing a relationship over time. Nice article!

    1. Thanks, Crystal. It’s message. Repeat. Message…:)

    2. Thanks, Crystal. Relationship building is like so many layers of an oil painting. Gotta keep working at it.

  7. Social media gives the opportunity to reach so many people at once and but to reach those people you have to give a clear and consistent message.

    1. A tricky part is to help that client who believes their message already is clear. A focus group/test might be the answer to prove either way.

    2. You’ve got the clearn and consistent message nailed, Michael. Thank you, again, for your helep with Social Oomph. So, so appreciated!

  8. Clear simple messages are so important. Tell them, tell them again and tell them a third time.

    1. …amd a fourth…and a 24th…:) Thanks, Beth.

  9. Hey there — Point 3 really spoke to me — “Clear, simple messages repeated frequently are necessary.” We must be consistent but also, repeat our messages to our audience. Thanks for the post.

    1. Yep–No. 3 about repeated messages resonaed with many. Rinse and repeat. 🙂

    2. We gotta look after those lists!

  10. All your above points apply to the small business or solo business. This was a unique way of stating points we are familiar with. Love Zig Ziglar too.

    1. You know this so well, Roz. Sometimes, I’m surprised at how business people are surprised they need to keep up the messaging.

    2. Thanks, Roz. I agree with you that the message applies to small and big business.

  11. Awesome! Yes, Zig is right! Success doesn’t make you and failure doesn’t break you! I loved your tips on gaining trust. It’s true that our message is more understood with repetition. Also, similar to advertising. You advertise once, you don’t really make connection. But, the more you advertise, the higher your chances of attracting someone.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yep — and if we take it a step further–it’s always been true that it’s easier when we really understand the people we want to connect. Enter the persona!

  12. Thanks for a great post Sharon, point number 3 resonates hugely with me.

    1. Thanks! No. 3–Clear, simple messages repeated frequently–resonated with a lot of people. Sometimes it surprises me, and it shouldn’t. 🙂

  13. Great post! People will do business with us if they like and trust us, another reason why authenticity is so important again.

    1. It’s such a sensible approach, Stacey. We work with people this way in our real world. It’s even more impportant in the cosmic sphere where we have yet to meet them before doing business.

    2. That Zig knew what he was doing, Stacey!

  14. Good stuff, Sharon. Sadly, training is often the first expense on the corporate chopping block but it’s vital to have it in all areas, not just social media. Loved your comment about repetition, too. I get so tired of repeating my offers…and I figure my readers/fans/followers are, too. But they need to know you’re in business and this is the way you tell them…a hundred times. 😉

    1. Over and over and over we roll, Jackie!

  15. Also agree with a clear and simple message, and the need for trust. For the rest, as I do not have employees and sell a service, translation, not any products, I cannot really relate that much. Thanks for a great article.

    1. Good take away on the simplicity of a message, though. Thanks!

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