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Try Before You Buy

You are looking for someone with a track record of success. You probably want a coach who knows what it’s like to meet payroll…who understands the need for making wise financial decisions. Yet, finding a coach with shared chemistry can be elusive. Most of all, you want to know it’s a good match before jumping in for the long haul.

Try before you buy; trust matters to both of us. Below are ways to build confidence as we help to turn prospects and customers into fans for your company or cause.

Risk Level (Low): 6-Month Mentorship for CEOs

It’s wise to learn about the new world of social enterprise – the language, culture, associated risks. Coaching will help you decide if you want to do more for yourself. Otherwise, you can assign responsibilities to staff knowing what you’re asking from them. Studies increasingly report that executives today would rather work for a Social CEO than for a leader who insists on remaining a Luddite.

As coaches, we get to know one another, set goals and monitor progress over an introductory period. We meet weekly for an hour to 90 minutes, depending on your schedule.

Risk Level (Low to Medium): 12-Month Training for Teams

Longer term coaching relationships with your team members bring added benefits for the entire organization. Business development that embraces online marketing is best viewed as a company-wide approach for results.  We continue coaching weekly by telephone or Skype. The relationship helps in these ways:

  • Expanded Knowledge and Skills
  • Involvement With a Role Model
  • Discovery of the Unwritten Rules and Protocols
  • Honest Criticism and Constructive Feedback
  • Empowerment to Try New Ventures
  • Increased Productivity as Competencies Develop
  • Stronger Leadership Capacity


At any time during the process, you may want to add in Done-With-You Services.

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