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  1. Very detailed list! Thanks Sharon! 🙂

  2. Great guidelines on how leaders can use social media!

  3. As I was reading this I was thinking what CEO is going to take the time to do social media? My guess is that most CEO social accounts are outsourced to staff or a marketing firm. Thanks for a clear outline on what tasks to outsource to your assistant or marketing manager.

  4. Some great strategies for larger companies.

  5. Love your directive to CEO’s. Now to get them to listen!

  6. Very good points in here. Thank you for sharing the wisdom.

  7. Ooh! I had heard of Topsy but hadn’t heard of SocialMention 🙂 You’ve shared a TON of useful information in this post, Sharon!

  8. I guess it also depends on the size of the company and the budget. I post for clients but I always think it would be best in smaller companies to have someone post for consistency bu the company needs to post for branding and awareness too

  9. I liked this comment: “Find your own way to express in words the company’s vision, mission, and culture.” One way to do that is to pretend it’s a tweet. There is nothing like having only 140 characters to express yourself to focus on what’s really important.

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