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  1. Out of the transformational work I personally follow, being authentic is a value I hold dear. It is the only way I know how to do business, relate, connect. With a visual product, our images and copy speak for us.

    1. You are a totally real gal, Roslyn!

  2. Fake is never good. Be yourself and don’t pretend to be something you aren’t.

  3. One thing I have learned over the years is to just be me. There will be those who like me and what I offer and those that do not. And…that is okay. 🙂 It’s only fair to be real with our audience though.

    1. What a lovely realization for each of us, Bobbi!

  4. Kim Garst is a rock star and I’m so glad I discovered her and YOU. Thanks for a great blog.

    1. Aww…thanks, Christie. Aren’t we lucky??

  5. Enjoyed the post! For me “authentic” means all the things you share in this article. It is about a willingness to be seen and to see others and to build relationships from that starting point. It does take conscious practice to engage from a totally transparent way. I like to call it leading from the inside-out.

    1. Small biz live and breathe relationships, Beverly. It’s interesting how it’s news for those in big biz.

  6. It’s so much easier to be real than fake. It also used to be hard for me, as a salesperson, to compete with the blow-hard types, because in my heart I couldn’t do it. Now, it seems, my time has come!

    1. For so many of us in small biz. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Thanks Sharon, for an interesting post. And I agree that authenticity is one the most important things today. Also to engage with people, client or no clients, in order to show your interests, honesty, and authenticity, etc.

    1. It can be a challenging thing for mature business people.

  8. Kim Garst has so much valuable, helpful advice! My favorite in the list is #3. Giving away information is exactly what Kim does. When you eventually do buy from her, you don’t even notice that she was ever selling anything. Great strategy and advice.

    1. Kim Garst is an artist AND a business woman, Meghan.

  9. A great reminder of how to run our businesses. If we “make life easier for others”, then hopefully we will be ‘other’ focused and will want to make a connection, a genuine connection, with those we’re trying to help.

  10. It’s so important to be authentic, especially in a business such as mine where we are helping coach people to their health & fitness goals — it’s not a matter of “buy this thing, walk out the door”; it’s more “let me help you find what program would fit YOU best, and then I’m going to guide you along in implementing it, every step of the way!”… and that business model takes a real, relatable human being 🙂
    It’s why I LOVE what I do!

    1. You could teach big business a thing or two, Natalie.

  11. I haven’t read Kim’s book yet but I know she’s one of the thought-leaders in social media marketing. Thanks for the highlights.

  12. I have started the book.. .haven’t finished it yet.. but it is a lot of stuff that I know Kim for already being in the group for almost 2 years. She is the real deal and explains it so very weel. Thanks for breaking out the main points though.

    1. I was really taken back by the depth of her content, Kristen. There’s so much more there.

  13. You’re right, and in fact I’ve noticed Kim posting pictures of her day , and I’ve started to add a few more pictures of myself, to really bring people in.

    1. Kim’s walks her talk, Stacey. Thanks for your comment.

  14. I was shocked one day to get a message from a Facebook fan who said, “Where is Jackie?” I got all hot under the color until I realized…you know, she was right. I was being too…business-like, I guess is the right way to put it. I have since loosened up and let the inner crazy lady come through. Not sure if there’s been a positive change in my engagement, but I know I feel better. Thanks for a great reminder.

    1. A good reminder for all of us, Jackie!

  15. Over-promising and acting like something you’re not will always come back to bite you. Show the real you and what the real you can deliver and THAT will earn people’s trust and therefore their business.

    1. Over promising is a dangerous game, Michael. Good point.

  16. Authenticity is one of those things people just “get” when they see it, feel it, and experience it with a brand. And they can tell when a brand doesn’t have it too …

    I don’t think you can find a much better example of someone who not only gets it but practices it too, than Kim Garst.

    1. Kim Garst is front of the line, Katrina!

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