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  1. Selling certainly has changed a lot. Businesses who haven’t recognized this are going to be hurting because we are all fed up with the old hard sell, intimidation approach. I hated buying cars in the bad old days and don’t appreciate seeing that approach anywhere.

    1. I think good sales people have always developed good relationships, Beth. These relationships might refer more to how this is done well in the digital world. Thanks for commenting.

  2. It’s nonsense to believe that selling has fundamentally changed, just as it is nonsense to believe “advertising is dead” see this video and get back to me with some hard facts.

    1. Ah ha! Good video to keep for my library. As ever, there’s Bob’s perspective…there’s digital media hype…and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Bob’s gig is as self-described copy writer over media strategist. And he’s on tour with a great title for his book. Did you listen all the way to the end? Nobody in the audience agreed with him.
      My belief is that a good sales person always has known how to create relationships.
      My message is there are new tools available which a sales rep can master so they don’t get left behind.

  3. Many things have changed in regards to sales. With so much competition out there and many using social media it’s more important than ever to connect with potential customers and have them know YOU and how valuable you can be to them without shoving your product or service down anyone’s throat.

  4. Great points and so true… the old days of sales has truly changed and if we haven’t, as business owners, we are missing out. I’ve always said that I am a horrible salesperson, when I am told I would be great. Maybe that’s because I correlate a sales person as the Alec ABC method and the pushy sales person. I like to see it, for me, as an education process and when you are educated about what I offer, you will come to me… I’m not about to chase folks. Ya know?

    1. I do know, Kristen. It’s my opinion that the message refers to one-way communication such as print or radio advertising. The sales rep usually had to make a relationship happen…more of us now have taken on the sales role in the digital world using an educational model. Thanks for your comment.

  5. sweetteasocialmarketing

    You have it absolutely correct when you say trust trumps facts. People matter and the old way of pitching or selling must accommodate the times.

    1. I think trust has always been part of the equation–for those who’ve cared about developing relationships. It’s even more important in the digital world where we’re connecting with people we’ve never met before. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Right on!!! A person is definitely a jerk if all they do it try to close all the time. If they don’t show value, build a relationship & be genuine not only won’t I do business with them period!

    1. It’s even more important in the new digital world, Liz, where we often don’t have a history together.

  7. There is no denying that the world is changing…and quickly, so of course how we do business is changing just as rapidly and requires new ways of doing things that no longer work. Building relationships, whether on or offline, is the key. And this requires taking an interest in the other as a real human being and then communicating with them from this place. Communication and trust, are always a winning combo, so it is great to see these as two of of the keys to the new model. Thanks for the interesting read, Sharon!

    1. You got it, Beth. I believe good business relationships have always been on trust. However, it’s even more important in the digital world, because there’s often a lack of history or background to rely on.

  8. Trust trumps facts? I think trust and facts go hand in hand don’t they? You have to trust the information and source don’t you?

    1. I believe you’re right about both together, Beth. The difference might be when a company makes the sale just about the product/servce and skips over discoverging any emotional reason or “why” for a sale.

  9. Hi Sharon, I love your tip about social skills, in particular good listening skills! This is needed so much and more and more people consider this when making a buying decision.

    Long gone the days of selling with a fist. Thanks so much for sharing all these tips, so precious!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Delia. Yep –if we could all just sit back and listen fist with intent, communication would be so much easier!

  10. One of the best books I read on sales is by Daniel Pink, “To Sell is Human.” He points out — correctly — that we are all sales people, even if we are not in the traditional sense. Anyone who tries to convince someone of a point of view is in sales. Anyone who has tried to get a raise is in sales. It was a fascinating read.

    1. Maybe we need a word to replace “sales”. How about where a mother…daughter…wife…husband…or child who “influences” another to our way of thinking. 🙂

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