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  1. I love the idea of CEO’s getting involved, and establishing their brands as a trusted leader. Should have started this a long time ago in my opinion. Great post, thank you for sharing.

  2. Facebook has definitely been my money maker, I’m now learning to make money from my list.

  3. I’m fairly sure that if any CEO is alive and connected in any realm to the culture they know their is validity in social media. It makes complete sense to me for the CEO to also realize that social media marketing is here to stay and to get connected and participate.

    I mean smart business is really about the relationship.

  4. Interesting that LinkedIn has been so much more successful for generating business than Facebook or Twitter. I admit I haven’t done nearly as much with LinkedIn as I should. Will definitely revisit it after seeing this.

  5. I honestly haven’t given any thought prior to this article about CEO’s and social media. I assumed that most higher-ups weren’t monitoring SM accounts and that customer service people handled it. But you made some good, valid points about how CEO’s keeping up with the times will benefit their company overall.

  6. Now if we can get administrators in the world of academia to make the move to more involvement in social media.

  7. Great analysis of the social media playground for the C-Level executives Sharon! 🙂

  8. It’s great to see that CEOs and other executives start to understand the power of social media and use it yo the advantage of their companies. It’s indeed the beginning of another era.

  9. Sad that nearly have have no clue re revenue generation from social media. Virtually all of my coaching clients come from LinkedIn. I love it.

  10. It would seem that big companies would jump on the bandwagon and hire social media pros. If for no other reason than to get their name known.

  11. Great read Sharon and no surprise to see that LI is a main source for many companies. What wasn’t a surprise but also sad was that the majority didn’t know where their traffic was coming from… hello people.. Google Analytics

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