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The Social CEO wants help to understand how their business benefits from social media and online marketing. Once inspired, CEOs and staff want training that will give their company an edge in the marketplace.

Sharon MacLean’s wisdom and experience helps:

  • Show the Way for Start-Ups
  • Guide Mature Companies That Need to Find New Methods for Growth
  • During Times ofCcrisis When Reputations Are at Stake


Participants will enjoy how Sharon reveals strategies and tactics that engage social media to help achieve their goals. Strategies are presented along with actionable takeaways. She delivers a clear message that attendees enjoy, remember, and act on.

How to Become The Social CEO

In the time it has taken you to read this sentence, 50,000 tweets have been sent. How many of those messages might mention your company name with an industry hashtag—good or bad? This workshop is for those CEOs who study rather than avoid change in the market place.

  • How to Get the Story Right
  • Know Your VROOM
  • Confirm Your Persona
  • Review Competitors’ Strategies
  • Employee Engagement
  • Brand Management


Gaining trust doesn’t happen over-night in personal dealings. The same is true for growing your business in online networks.

Workshop length: Full day or 8 weekly hour-long sessions over 2 months

Price: $3497/full day + Travel

Build to Grow

Expert speakers share their best strategies in video format for creating impact in today’s fast changing corporate environment. You have full flexibility when you want to watch the daily sessions, so you don’t have to block a specific time in your calendar.

PLUS: Book 3 hours of one-on-one consulting with Sharon MacLean to discuss your own specific needs.

  • Learn About the Trends in Business Engagement With Your Customers and Employees.
  • Understand How You Can Integrate Useful Tools Into Your Business.
  • Learn How Personal Branding and Brand Marketing Contributes to the Transformation of Yourself and to Your Organization’s Transformation.


Length: 15 hours of expert content + 3 hours of one-on-one personal Skype time with Sharon MacLean

Price: $497

Ready to (Semi) Retire

Learn how to become self-employed and to share your knowledge.

  • Determine Your Retirement Model: Business or Pleasure?
  • Know your W5: Who, What, Where, When, and Why?
  • Discover Your Ideas, Lessons, and Subject Matter
  • Understand How to Present Your Assets Online


Length: 8 weekly 90-minute Skype sessions over 2 months

Price: $2497

Navigating the Social Media Maze

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of social media? Maybe you’re puzzled over how today’s digital world applies to your professional life. In this seminar, you will learn “why” it’s worth your time to navigate the social media maze.

  • Start With a Strategy
  • Set Goals for Social Media
  • Reach a Relevant Audience
  • Connect With Online Communities
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Other Channels
  • Who Uses Them, How Many People Use Them, and Why You Should Care


Workshop length: 1/2 day or 4 weekly hour-long sessions over 1 month

Price: $2497/full day + Travel

Find your persona

Who are your personas? Taking the time to define these audiences will save you time and frustration later.  Laying out your personas informs everything you say and do online.

Length of session: 1-on-1 Skype Call 2 hours

Price: $497

How to Leverage LinkedIn

Social Selling Seminar for Your Team or 1-on-1

Together we perfect your profile page so that it will attract visitors to contact you, generate conversation and connections, reflect and build trust, attract advocates.

  • How to Benefit From LinkedIn
  • Best Practices for Establishing Your Profile (55% of Profilers Are Doing It Wrong)
  • So You’ve Got a List: Now what?
  • Practical Advice & Tips


Workshop length: 1/2 day

Price: $497

LinkedIn  – Automated Solution

It’s almost essential for professionals and business owners to have a profile on LinkedIn. Yet, many people are growing lists without seeing results.  This seminar introduces you to an automated platform that targets your ideal prospect, builds relationships with them, and produces a steady flow of targeted leads for ANY business.

Following an hour-long webinar is a Done-For-You program designed to grow your business using the power of LinkedIn.

Price: FREE webinar

Platform installation $497 and $500 per month management services

Blogging Tops the List of Social Media Tactics

  • Why Blog
  • How to Frame a Blog
  • Ideas for Creating Quality Content
  • Keep Your Name Out Front: Publish and Repurpose


Workshop length: 1/2 day or 4 weekly hour-long sessions over 1 month

Price: $2497/full day + Travel

How To Create An Editorial Calendar

Learn how to schedule your content to keep your story top-of-mind, in support of seasonal events, special events, and campaigns.

  • How to Choose Your Topics/Themes and Over What Length of Time
  • Where You Want to Say It
  • How to Choose the Communications Resources You Want to Use


Workshop length: 1-on-1 Webinar, 2 hours

Price: $297

Now You’re a Publisher – Workshop

  • Take Charge of All You Say Online
  • Know Your W5: Why, When, Who, Where and How
  • Know Your Business and How to Create Unlimited Business Content
  • Know the Buying Process
  • How to Present Your Online Content
  • Where to Present Your Message


Workshop length: 1/2 day or 4 weekly hour-long sessions over 1 month

Price: $2497/full day + Travel

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